photo 1
walk and wade

The mountain streams and rivers of Southwest Alberta are some of the most spectacular waters one will find anywhere.

photo 2
walk and wade

Our pristine, gin clear streams and rivers provide a great fly fishing get-away.

photo 3
walk and wade

Rugged landscapes provide a perfect backdrop to our amazing walk and wade waters.

photo 5
walk and wade

It’s not unusual for a client to describe a day on one of our beautiful mountain rivers as a religious experience… and it’s easy to see why.

photo 6
walk and wade

It’s a blue sky, white clouds, clear water, fly fishing kind of day.

photo 7
walk and wade

Soaking up the spectacular scenery while casting to rising cutthroat trout is a perfect way to unwind and relax.

photo 8
walk and wade

These waters hold cutthroat and rainbow trout along with large, aggressive bull trout.

photo 4
walk and wade

A perfect, just-released cutthroat trout.

photo 9
walk and wade

A cutthroat trout fooled by a bead head nymph dropper.

photo 10
walk and wade

An Oldman River cutbow.

photo 11
walk and wade

A typical cutthroat trout found in southwest Alberta rivers.

photo 12
walk and wade

A very healthy cutthroat trout pulled from Livingstone River.

photo 13
walk and wade

Casting streamers into deep holes is a popular method of hooking into a big, aggressive bull trout.

photo 14
walk and wade

Finishing up a full day of fly fishing in a gorgeous location, as the sun sets behind the mountains to the west.


The spectacular rivers and streams along the east slope of Alberta's Rocky Mountains are a dry fly fisher's paradise. These cool, crystal clear waters are teaming with eager cutthroat trout and are home to increasing numbers of large, aggressive bull trout. Rainbow trout also inhabit many of these waters while brook trout may be found in a few waters.

The Highwood River, Livingstone River, Oldman River, and Crowsnest River along with Cataract Creek, Racehorse Creek, and others, tumble and twist through mountain and foothills terrain that is ideal for these fish. Boulders, rocks and countless pools, provide ideal holding water for fish seeking food and relief from the current.

While many fishers are intent on using dry flies exclusively, nymphs and streamers should also be found in your fly box. Using a tandem set up with a dry fly and a nymph dropper is often the most productive method of fishing.

A day spent fishing these rivers is usually a long one. A two-hour drive through the scenic foothills southwest of Calgary will bring you to a pristine mountain river. Depending on conditions, we may fish two or three stretches of one river or we may try our luck on a couple of different rivers or creeks in the area.

Clearwater Adventures will provide snacks, a deli lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages. We will also provide you with any necessary fishing gear. Early summer and fall fishing will require waders and wading boots and we can usually provide these if you need them. During warmer midsummer days, you may want to leave the waders behind and spend the day wet wading. Wading boots are still recommended. After a full day of fishing we head back to Calgary where we often arrive after 11:00 PM.

Join us for a day or two on one or more of these rivers and enjoy a fly-fishing experience that will leave you wanting more. Clearwater Adventures can arrange camping outings near mountain rivers and with enough advance notice; we can arrange accommodations in a rustic cabin on a working ranch.

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